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BOE-TEL was founded in July, 1984, to provide quality voice, outside plant and riser distribution systems, since customer premises cabling was detariffed by the Bell System. One of BOE-TEL’s first primary customers was South Central Bell in Louisiana. In 1985, the first large project from Bell was the engineering, design, testing and termination of a complete copper and fiber optic distribution system at Stennis Space Center, in conjunction with the installation of a hybrid voice data switch. BOE-TEL continues to maintain a presence in Mississippi. In 1986, BOE-TEL became a member of BICSI. In 1988, as a result of the economy downturn in Louisiana, BOE-TEL went to Tennessee to work for South Central Bell to handle the account of First American National Bank, which was then consisted of approximately 125 locations, including their main location in Nashville — a thirty plus story building, and, at the same time, did the distribution system for a new “switch” at Fort Sanders Hospital Complex in Knoxville, TN., which consisted of the main building and nine buildings in the periphery. BOE-TEL remains in Tennessee.

In 1986, BOE-TEL became a premises distribution installer for AT&T Technologies, which is currently Lucent Technologies. BOE-TEL was the 23rd company in the United States to become a certified VAR for what is now Lucent Technologies. In 1988 BOE-TEL became a certified data contractor for Digital Equipment Corporation, which consisted of installing twisted-pair and coaxial systems, and became adept at distribution coaxial systems. By 1990, BOE-TEL was licensed in Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee.




BOE-TEL is currently licensed in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. We currently have approximately 20 employees who are Avaya (formerly Lucent) SCS certified as installers, four engineers who are certified as Avaya engineers, and we have currently six people who are members of BICSI, five of which are RCDDs. We also have 10 people who have been trained through the Corning (Siecor) fiber schools; we are a Truenet contractor.

BOE-TEL currently has a Certified Network Engineer/Network Administrator and a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. BOE-TEL also has two A+ technicians for various system operations.

We offer 15 & 20-year warranties on our distribution systems. If you know that “all wire is not wire”, and are looking for a quality distribution system to last through cycles of “Moore’s Law”, then you are searching for BOE-TEL.


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