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Structured Cabling

Level 7 (Category 6), Category 5, Category 3, thinwire (Data-RG-58; Video – RG-59, RG-6), and fiber optic cables to the desk top.
All horizontal cabling is terminated, tested, tagged, and documented.

Multi-pared, twisted-paired “riser” systems (cable sizes up to 1800-pair cables) and vertical fiber optic cabling (sized for distribution requirements – stranded or ribbon cables). The above cabling is accompanied by required splicing, terminating, testing, tagging, documenting, bonding & grounding, and firestopping.

Termination of protected entrance pairs, termination of fiber cables, and termination of coaxial cables. Termination of associated riser systems and cross-connecting of facilities. Assignment records kept. The above cabling is accompanied by required racking, splicing, terminating, testing, tagging, documenting, bonding and grounding, firestopping and “sealing”.

All facets of underground (manholes), buried, pole line, and cable tray systems.

Fiber Optics

Complete installation of Singlemode and Multimode fiber optic cabling in diverse environments. Manufacturer certified for numerous connector style and type. Diagnose and repair damaged fiber optic cabling. Fusion splice capabilities.

Grounding & Bonding

Installation and determination of required grounding systems for voice, data, coaxial, and video systems. Determination of components and soil resistivity testing inclusive.


Installation and maintenance of cameras, cabling, recorders, and monitors by Louisiana Fire Marshall certified technicians. Access control systems including (but not limited to): card readers, motion detection, and perimeter intrusion detection. Complete solutions to ensure personnel safety and protection of property.


Complete installation of Coaxial RG6 and RG11 cabling in diverse environments. Manufacturer certified. Diagnose and repair damaged coaxial cabling systems.

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Local Area Networks

Placement of various “LAN” wired components and “wireless accoutrements”. Installation of servers (Linux / Windows / Novell) and workstations, programming and testing by our CNE and MCSE personnel.

Telephone Systems

Several brands of small “key” and digital “IP” telephone systems and voice mail systems. Testing and programming by our factory certified technicians. Specialize in Avaya systems.

Paging Systems

Installation of “wired” and “wireless” distributed amplification systems and 70V systems (indoor and outdoor) by our factory certified technicians. VALCOM and BOGEN certified.

Partners & Licenses

BOE-TEL currently partners with many companies, and holds licenses in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

+ Installation of above systems.
+ Design and engineering of above systems.
+ Testing and Documentation of above systems.
+ Project Management of above systems, and provide total “turnkey” solutions.

  • Alabama

    Contractor’s License No. 24881

  • Louisiana

    Contractor’s License No. 27985

  • Mississippi

    Contractor’s License No. 22827

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